Saturday, July 12, 2014

Intro blog log #1

I am starting this for a couple of reasons, such as I like to rant and rave about daily life. Our lives can be comic relief for everyone else, plus  this is my outlet my little release on life.

To get things started, I want you to know a little about me. I am 35, over weight chain smoker from Indiana, and no I don't grow corn! I actually work for our local newspaper in the circulation department, answering phones, taking complaints, glamorous I know! I have lived in Indiana all of my life, exciting right? Indiana is not bad, but I come from a small town, the city is nice to visit, but I prefer to hang my hat in a smaller setting. I am about to graduate college with an associates degree, yes I am a late bloomer, but hey I am achieving a goal I have had since 1996! I have had cancer, so that has enabled me to produce off spring. I am anti children most of the time, you get comfortable after years of not having any responsibilities such as a child. This has created a longing need to mother something, so I chose dogs. I have 3, so just call me the crazy dog woman. I also have a wonderful husband, you hear more about him later. I grew up in a children's home, graduated high school, and attempted a normal life, it has been one hell of a ride for me, but I have managed. I consider myself random, witty, and half insane. I have had numerous jobs, from factories, fast food, and health care. I do regret some things in my life, but whatever! Too late to turn back now.

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